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NodeWatch/Bangle.js demo talk

27 February 2020

LNUG talk, January 2020

a hundred players

4 February 2020

LNUG talk, November 2019

Recent listening - my podcast picks for this week

30 January 2020

Some of the podcast episodes that have been filling the gap between my ears over the last couple days. updates

20 December 2019

I've made a few changes to this most recent version of

React is still everywhere.

16 December 2019

Two and a half years ago I noted my fears of a dominant JavaScript framework. My thoughts have evolved and I feel a little better about it now.

a career update story

15 December 2019

From self employed consultant and contractor to full time remote developer - my career development over the last few years has even taken me by surprise. The lesson I learned is to be prepared for anything…


7 December 2019

Filter:Find uses an intuitive pattern to makes relevant content findable with a few easy clicks

Swimming love poem

5 December 2019

some fun with svg

Blockstatic site generator

7 October 2019

Build static html websites from markdown using this desktop command line package

Shape shop

7 October 2019

some fun with react


7 October 2019

React everywhere

9 May 2017

More and more, familiarity with React.js is required for contract web developers. It takes the mental hoop-jumping out of a lot of the day-to-day development tasks - and allows us to be more productive. Is there a cost to this?

Teamwork in mountain climbing

4 May 2017

A review of a recent adventure

Visualisation: Global city data

24 November 2016

My goal was, after a recent hiatus from data visualisation work, to get to know some of the tools again, and get my head back into dealing with data - the processes of sourcing, cleaning, exploring, wrangling and transforming into something visual and interactive.

Visualisation: Trees of Camden

24 November 2016

This visualisation experiment uses Mapbox GL to show the location of trees as circles on a map of London, with the spread of the trees corresponding to the radius of the circle.

Abbas and the Revolution

26 February 2016

admataz case studies - Abbas and the Revolution

Topshop quiz

28 February 2015

admataz case studies - Topshop quiz

the new, new admataz website manifesto

14 January 2015

A quick explanation of the new redesign effort underway at

Girls not Brides interactive Theory of Change

3 December 2014

admataz case studies - Girls not Brides interactive Theory of Change

The Elders web site

2 December 2014

admataz case studies - The Elders web site