the new, new admataz website manifesto

14 January 2015
A quick explanation of the new redesign effort underway at

I originally wrote this in 2011 for a previous version of to keep my efforts on track. Reviewing it again now in 2015, admataz has grown into a more formal business entity and I am working more directly with clients as opposed to daily freelance contract work. I think this is still relevant to my approach to this site.

This is my web site, and here’s the thinking behind it:

  1. Original. The site reflects and records my ongoing ideas, expressions and professional work. This means regular subjective updates to the site content.

  2. Experimental. The site code is created by me, using self-made tools over libraries and frameworks where I can. My personal site is an opportunity for learning, experimentation with my craft and developing core skills. This means regular unstable additions to the site functionality.

  3. Minimal and progressive. The site design, features and technology only contain what is needed. This means less structure, navigation and technical capacity. It also means less bloat.

  4. Open. When I produce original code for this site, I expose it, explain it and share it.

  5. Incomplete. It's never finished because there's always space for growth and new ideas.

  6. Mine. I am not a client or employer. I can do what I like, break the rules and be inefficient.